Events & Conferences

At DDB Worldwide, Shannon helped to organize the agency’s 50th anniversary gala at the Museum of Modern Art as well as internal conferences bringing together public relations professionals from across the global network.

She also worked on teams who organized a global creative directors conference at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Spain and who brought together hundreds of network employees in several locations around the world for executive education and leadership seminars. And she coordinated a global creative contest in 6 cities on 5 continents as part of a joint project between DDB and Manhattanville College.

At Harvard Law School and Stonehill College, Shannon organized and facilitated community of practice events where administrators and staff shared best practices around web content management and social media.

As a consultant to Lifetime Arts, Inc., Shannon helped to plan the programs for both a pre-conference workshop and general session of the American Library Association Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL in 2013. She also served as a panelist and presenter at these events.

As Deputy Director, Digital Media, Marketing & Communications, at Lifetime Arts Shannon partnered with the CEO to organize, promote, and launch a gala event in NYC to celebrate Lifetime Arts’ 10th anniversary and honor major donors and fellow advocates.

For information about Shannon’s experience presenting at conferences, please visit Public Speaking.