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Knowledge Management is a Happy Grind

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Specifically, the act of codifying knowledge is the grind part. It is a happy grind if you are passionate about doing it and if you have some institutional strategy and support behind it.

As part of my Knowledge Management course at Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science, I wrote a case study titled, “Leveraging the Convening Power of the Web to Build a Knowledge Tribe,” about how a firm called Knowledge Architecture uses the social web to educate about and facilitate knowledge sharing.

Simon Sinek:

Knowledge Architecture’s founder, Christopher Parsons, alludes to this notion in his own blog post about KA’s Intranet Maturity Model, entitled, “Share Dammit!” The post also features an excellent TED Talk by Simon Sinek (pictured above – photo credit: on the topic of what motivates us to share knowledge (and what doesn’t).