Media Projects

The Library  Effect

The Library Effect on FacebookLaunched in January 2014, The Library Effect is an online magazine about libraries and society. The goal of The Library Effect is to share stories about how we use, interact with, and benefit from the existence of libraries. We use them in person and online to gain access to information, to turn information into knowledge, to explore our creative selves, to experience community (or just non-commercial communal activity), and to grow as individuals and as a society. The publication enjoys a global readership and has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Art+Work PodcastArt+Work is a series of discussions with creative people about art, life and work which launched in spring 2014.

The first episode featuring actor/writer/director Joe B. McCarthy is available on Soundcloud.

See “Multimedia Editing & Production” for examples of video and audio editing projects.