Approach & Goals

My approaches to work and to life are similar. I want to facilitate the most satisfying, meaningful and effective experiences for myself, my colleagues, my family and friends, and for those whom I am creating content.

Often, interactions may be complicated by existing conditions, relationships and perceptions. I try, whenever possible, to clear the air — early and often — in order to  help eliminate communication glitches related to personal and professional relationships and projects. There is a way to confront issues and people with respect, and I aim to do that. And, whenever possible, I try to create an atmosphere of good humor and generosity.


Academically, I will soon finish my master’s program in library and information science and plan to use the remaining credit hours that I have left to conduct independent studies and work on preparing articles for publication.

Professionally, I will work to build a content curation practice at Harvard Business Publishing for their Corporate Learning portfolio.